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"To promote safe and responsible kiteboarding and protect the access of kiteboarders to public beaches and waters."

Click here for larger image.SIGN OF THE TIMES 6/19/05 Maui kiteboarding has its share of restrictions. To operate within the FAA guidelines and to compromise with other user groups there has arisen the need for "Riding areas", and "No-fly Zones". When you see a sign at a potential launch site, take the time to read it and heed the directives. The governing bodies and the kiteboarding community have worked hard to create a viable system that keeps our access open, and avoid a total ban on kiteboarding. If you notice kiteboarders ignoring the posted rules, please take the time to educate them, and draw their attention to the signs.


Maui Kiteboarding Zones map

Most recent kite map.

Current kiteboarding guidelines distributed by HKA.

SCHOOL MEETING 6/22/05 Maui Kiteboard Schools are invited to attend, a Meeting for School owners will be held @ Starbucks Kahului Wednesday 6/22/05 5:30pm, to discuss School Issues.

KITE SCHOOL CODE OF CONDUCT 6/11/05 Maui Kiteboard Schools have an agreement to abide by certain self-regulation to minimize their impact at the beach. The system has been in place for over 7 years and has worked effectively. Among the rules are; No lessons on Sundays and six of the major holidays. Newer kiteboard schools may be unclear on all of the rules of conduct. Copies of the printed rules are available from Alan Cadiz. Self regulation is an important part of the beach communities plan and needs to be respected equally by all the schools for it to work. The county is currently formulating a new set of administrative rules for beach use that will affect all watersports schools. The kiteboarding schools will have to decide if they want to; keep to the agreement of self regulation, change the existing agreement, or ask the County to enforce the rules. Self-regulation has been accepted as a preferable alternative to external regulation in the past, however if there are too many liberties taken with the rules, it may now be prudent to allow the county to regulate them. (N.B. The parks department have suggested that they want to increase the penalty for non-compliance to a $1000. fine and 30 days Jail).  If you see a kite school teaching on Sunday please call Dylan Grafmyer 276-4561.

ASSOCIATION CONFUSION?  Maui has had a complex history as the sport developed. There are three kiteboarding associations that have evolved so far. The first Association, the MKA (Maui Kiteboarding Association) was formed in 1998 by the community of Maui kiteboarders concerned with potential conflicts with the FAA and other interests that could restrict kiteboarding access to beaches. The MKA has continuously represented the kiteboarding community and lobbied the county and FAA for continued access and provided safety information and Maps of kiteboarding Zones. The second association to form on Maui was the HKA (Hawaii Kiteboarding Association, Maui Chapter) this group was linked to the OKA (Oahu Kiteboarding Association). Formed in 2002, this group secured the FAA waiver that is currently in use and took over the responsibility of distributing the Maps and guidelines. As the requirements for for holding the waiver became more complicated, there was a need for a new, legally incorporated association, to take over the responsibilities for holding the waiver. The newly formed Maui Kiteboarding Community (association) was created in 2005 as an independant legal entity for the purpose for holding the FAA kiteboarding waiver. MAUI KITEBOARDING ASSOCIATION contact Dave Dorn (808) 283-7913, HAWAII KITEBOARDING ASSOCIATION (Maui Chapter) contact Martin Kirk (808) 873-0015, MAUI KITEBOARDING COMMUNITY contact Joel Richman (808) 572-6293.

STAY CLEAR OF CANOES, May 2005. A recent incident occurred involving an outrigger canoe full of kids and a kiteboarder. The kiteboarder came in to land at canoe beach, just as a canoe full of children was launching. The kite luffed and crashed over the canoe full of kids. Fortunately for all concerned there were no injuries, other than to our reputation for safety. Please remember to always stay 200 feet away from all canoes. Canoes have right of way, so it is the kiteboarders responsibility to get out of their way. Also there is a canoe zone at the canoe beach which prevents launching there is their are canoes using the beach for practice. Please see the Zone maps. If we want to continue to use this beach, we have to give the canoes our maximum care and respect.

MKA reminds members to encourage all north shore riders to stay out of Lower Kanaha above the canoe hale, upper Kanaha, and do not launch at Sprecks beach. Increasing violations of these "no fly" zones are putting everyone's access at risk!.

Annual Meeting,  For all kiteboarders, Scheduled,  March 2005, at Ka'a Point.
A stipulation of the FAA kiteboarding Waiver is that an annual safety meeting be held to inform the public and the FAA of the Safe kiteboarding practices of HKA members. FAA officials, Lifeguards, and Kiteboarders are encouraged to participate.  Contact: Dylan Grafmyer 276-4561.

IKO COURSE, MAY 2005 IKO Instructor Trainer Paul Franco ran an IKO Instructor Training Course, hosted by Action Sports Maui. There were 11 candidates. Whom undertook the 40 hour training over 7days. Most of the candidates were long time Kite beach riders and a few new faces. Although some candidates took the course to get a better understanding of kiteboarding, most of the graduates have already found part time work in one of the Maui based kiteboarding schools. Two of the candidates were too young to get the certification at the time of the course, but were allowed to do the training (minimum age is 18). These young guys will no doubt be an asset to the kiteboarding community and may one day be fully certified kiteboarding instructors. IKO courses generally happen once a year. however they can be organized on demand with a minimum of four candidates. People wanting to become a certified IKO instructor should check out the IKO website to get the requirements and other Info. http://www.ikorg.com

Excerpt from HKA email from Martin Kirk May 27, 2004
Today, May 27, 2004 Air Traffic Control Tower called HKA to report three kiteboarders riding at the end of the runway.  Any violation is not acceptable to FAA or HKA but this week is especially sensitive due to the fact that the airport tower is going through FAA evaluations.  The tower staff was polite and professional as always but spelled it out simply that we have to do a better job of educating the visitors who are coming here and aren't aware of the restrictions, especially in Spreckelsville.  A comment was made about restricting kite flying altogether to the Kanaha area or rescinding the waiver totally. 
The job of enforcing the FAA waiver falls squarely on Dylan Grafmyre, the HKA representative who now holds the FAA waiver.  This doesn't mean that Dylan should be the only one out there getting riders out of the runway zone.  We all have to be responsible because ultimately we'll all be affected if the waiver is rescinded. Today for example, Dylan was in a bad area of the island and didn't have cell reception so the FAA contacted another HKA representative. 
Riders in the area could have seen what was going on, possibly, and could have responded rather than wait for Dylan or another HKA representative to be contacted.  We are all representatives of HKA whether you're a member or not, if you indeed like to kiteoboard on Maui. So, please do your part and educate yourselves, your friends, and the visitors about the FAA guidelines. These guidelines are spelled out in the kiteboarding area map/flyers and are in all the windsurfing and kiteboarding shops in Kahului.
Thanks for your assistance and efforts.

PASA is coming to Oahu, HI to hold a PASA Kiteboarding Instructor Certification course (ICP) April 12 Ė 16, 2005.

Below is more information about the course:

Information on the PASA Level I Kiteboarding Instructors Certification Course:

This 5 Day certification course is designed for kiteboarders desiring to become Level 1 PASA certified kiteboarding instructors.
Prerequisites for this course are the ability to kite upwind, perform advanced turns, maintain control in most wind conditions and perform simple jumps.

This course takes an instructor candidate through kite and instruction theory, kite rigging and repair, a basic understanding of weather and itís effects on kiting, school site evaluation, emergency recovery systems as well as effective teaching and communication tools.

The mix of theory and hands on teaching gives the instructor candidate the skills necessary to become a safe, competent and communicative kiteboarding instructor.

To receive your Level I PASA instructor certificate you must submit current CPR, First Aid (Approved Courses available through Red Cross and American Heart Assoc.) and Boat Safe (online at www.boatsafe.com) certificates.

The cost of the PASA ICP course is $500.00 / $300.00 for IKO certified instructors (proof of certification required)
(This fee does not include CPR, First Aid or the annual PASA professional membership dues)

To register for an ICP; instructor candidates have to first be or become a current Professional member of PASA , the annual dues are $150.00, more info at http://www.pasakiteboarding.org/Login.aspx

Then - To sign up for an ICP go to http://www.pasakiteboarding.org/EventCalendar.aspx, click on the month of the desired ICP date, then hit "select" on the ICP you would like to sign up for, then hit "sign up" to fill in the necessary info.

Donít hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions.

Best Regards,

Christopher E. Nygard
PASA Kiteboarding Division
(252) 207-9041

HKA ANNOUNCEMENT 3/10/04  From HKA email 3/10/04.

On Wednesday, March 10, HKA received a new waiver from FAA.  The waiver was issued to Dylan Grafmyre, as a representative of HKA, and is authorized for all HKA members.  All riders are encouraged to join or rejoin HKA so that we can continue with established programs and develop new programs in order to keep the waiver, which is good for 2 more years.  New brochures are almost done and new signs will need to be made to comply with FAA waiver stipulations, so your financial contributions are needed.

Thanks in advance for you help.



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